GoalStar LED Bulb (Daylight)

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Your LED bulb died. You probably tried many different brands out there. In fact, you’ve thought of different ways to fix this BUT the problem remains the same. Your bulb kept DYING.

Switch to GoalStar LED Bulb

High Heat Tolerance.
High Heat Dissipation.

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Ever wonder why your LED bulb kept dying?

Most LED Bulb lower their cost by using cheaper materials. Initially, this might seem like a good thing. Unfortunately, having your bulb replaced every few months is NOT OKAY AT ALL. You’ll ended up paying more from repeat purchase.

You deserve a better bulb

Don’t go for those repeat purchase scam. We don’t trick you to make frequent purchases. With GoalStar LED Bulb, you have the real deal… a bulb that works how it’s supposed to… install and forget.

GoalStar LED is Heat Resistant

GoalStar LED Bulb uses materials designed for maximum durability. Heat is the reason why your bulb experiences a premature death. Therefore, we engineered GoalStar LED Bulb with maximum heat tolerance. High heat dissipation and chip over heat prevention.

No more premature death from too much heat.

‘coz GoalStar LED Bulb works the way how it’s supposed to… Install and forget…

Efficiency > 85% (90% for 22w)
50,000 hours lifespan
210(3w) / 400(5w) / 650(7w) / 800(9w) lumens
E27 Base Type

One (1) year warranty against factory defect
one time replacement

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  1. Gollum

    it just works

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