GoalStar Fire Alarm Control Panel

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GoalStar Fire Alarm Panel is designed with safety in mind, sporting multiple level of fault protection all across the board, while still being feature rich.

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  • Fire relay & Fault relay 1Amp, SELV Rated Standard
  • Fault protection for each zones
  • Front panel indicator
    • Red – indicates an alarm
    • Amber – indicates open circuit / indicates short circuit
  • 5K6 EOL resistor
  • Maximum of 20 detectors per zone (2mA max)
  • Unlimited Call Point slot
  • 2x Sounder Circuit with 500mA fuse protection
  • Charger short circuit protection & battery protection
  • Basic Operation: Normal Mode, Alarm Mode & Fault Mode
  • Evacuate Switch to activate an alarm in case of an emergency
  • LED Test


  • Main Supply: 220v AC 50/60Hz +10%
  • Battery Voltage: 24V DC
  • Voltage Protection: Glass Fuse
  • Discharge Protection: 19V DC
  • Sounder Output: 24V Nominal EOL 10K resistor
  • Auxiliary Contacts: 30DC 1A max. NC/NO
  • Main Supply Protection: Glass Fuse
  • Sounder Protection: Glass Fuse
  • Reverse Battery Protection: Charger Glass Fuse
  • Zone EOL: 5k6 Resistor


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  1. dm-tierce.blogspot.com

    These were smaller conventional panels programmed to ‘communicate’ the status of part of the system to the main panel and also could be used to access basic fire alarm control functions.

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