GoalStar Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm System


Save time and save the hassle of having to buy different components to build your own burglar alarm system. With GoalStar burglar alarm system, just place it on your designated area and turn it on.



  • Green LED is the standby indication, when remote control is turned on, the green light will lit for 20 seconds before turning off automatically.
  • Red LED indicates that the alarm is activated.


Minimum Alarm Volume 105 dB at 30cm
Alarm duration 40s
Rated voltage alarm DC 6v
Power source alarm 4x 1.5 V battery (AA) – free battery included
Rated voltage remote control 3x 1.5V battery (LR44) per remote control
Detection angle Max 90° at 20°C
Detection range Max 6m at 20°C

Additional Info:

  • Package includes 1×Wireless Remote Control Alarm, 2×Remote controls, 3x LR44 battery
  • Pet Friendly – worried that your pets will trigger it constantly? Well with the pet friendly feature, the alarm system automatically recognize pets from people, thus preventing those annoying false alarm.


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