Aquaponic Pump

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Building an aquaponic system can be expensive and inefficient, that’s why we at Pinoy Smart Home present to you our very own pump carefully crafted to work synergistically well with aquaponic systems featuring leading edge technology that results in efficiency, durability and a lower total cost of ownership.



  • Uses variable frequency drive technology which translate to better energy savings, eliminates maintenance cost and extends motor life by employing the following features:
    • Controlled acceleration and motor startup at zero frequency and voltage and carefully builds up without exceeding full-load current which Eliminates voltage sags which reduces power line disturbance, lowers power demand on start and extends motor life
    • Adjustable Operating Speed and Adjustable Torque Limit improves the process and protects from damage and yields more energy savings.
    • Controlled stopping reduces mechanical wear and tear from shocks and breakage.
    • Built-in reverse operations eliminates the need for a reversing starter which eliminates additional maintenance cost.
    • Elimination of mechanical drive components which lowers expenses.
  • low power design
  • high flow, high head, noiseless, amphibious
  • ceramic shaft – higher wear resistance, higher temperature resistance and more durable compared to stainless steel, rust and corrosion free, low friction rate.
  • low maintenance, easy to clean
  • locked-rotor protection function which immediately cuts off power in the event that the impeller gets jammed.


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