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Which Solar Flood light to Choose? Timer vs PIR Motion Sensor

PowerStar Timer and PIR Motion Sensor Flood light possess some similarities, both have dimming features and can withstand more than 1 night of use. The main difference is that Timer requires that you manually configure when to activate a full bright light and when to switch to dim light. PIR motion sensor on the other hand defaults to use dim light and only switches to a full bright light once the presence of a person is detected.

Grab a solar PIR motion sensor Flood Light here

Under normal circumstance, PIR motion sensor is preferred, because it conserves the battery. It is also useful for security purpose as it acts as a deterrent against thieves and people with malicious intent. However, if a strict policy needs to be observed regarding the brightness, then timer would be your go-to choice.

Checkout PowerStar Solar Timer Flood Light

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4 Great Gift Ideas For Christmas

Ah! Christmas season, the season of gifts giving. We do this in the name of love to commemorate that one person named Jesus Christ who was born to give His life for everyone’s sin that they may be given a chance to reconcile with the Heavenly Father. The interesting one sentence long trivia aside, here are some awesome gift ideas for those who are looking for one:


1 Tina Portable Bluetooth PA Karaoke Speaker System

Know someone who loves to party? This portable device is not only perfect for party, it’s also portable enough to just carry it to a friend’s house for performing a duet, this essentially makes it function as a personal karaoke, and it doesn’t stop there, it could also function as a pa device for a garden party because of its loud volume.Then again it could just be just as useful as a speaker for computers and TVs.


2 KTV microphone Bluetooth wireless built-in speakers

It might not be as powerful or as portable as the Tina Portable Bluetooth PA Karaoke Speaker System, but a Bluetooth microphone with an integrated speaker gives music lovers the ability to sing anywhere anytime.


3 iProtect Anti-Lost Keychain

Is your friend a dog owner? It would be a nightmare for them to lose their dog in the Eve of Christmas. Anti-Lost Keychain alarms the owner whenever their dog runs too far from their smartphone’s proximity. What’s fun is that it doesn’t need to ALWAYS function as a dog device, the keychain can also be used to take Shutter Photo and even function as an audio recorder.


4 Holiday Christmas Light Projector

Do you know someone who often hold reunion parties with friends and relatives? Then this is probably a good gift for them. With this they can lighten the mood of their home with moving lights to give it a disco feel.

Gifts are only one of the many ways to express your love, they help in a relationship, but remember that ultimately the time and attention given you give to your loved ones will matter the most.

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Water Pump Buying Guide

There is a saying, “Always pick the right tool for the right job.” Same is the case for water pumps. So far there are two main types of pump in the market: Surface Pumps and Submersible Pumps. Our customers have always been asking, what’s the difference between the two? Here is the clarification:

Surface Pump

Surface pumps sucks the water from the well to the pump from a maximum depth of 24′ below surface. These pumps will only generate around 50 psi depending on how low the water level is at the time.

Submersible Pump

Submersible are generally vertical multi-staged centrifugal pumps where the pump is below the free surface of the fluid to be pumped. It pushes the water to the surface instead of sucking it. A submersible pump never needs priming and delivers more volume and better pressure!

So basically if you are targeting water with low depth, surface pump would be much preferable, on the other hand, if you require something installed much deeper, submersible pump would prove to be more useful than surface pump.

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Why COB Should Be the Preferred Choice When Buying Floodlights

Not all LED’s are created equal, one LED with a wattage of 5w may not have the same lumens when compared with another LED of the same wattage. Same goes for the lumens, a 500 lumens LED might not necessarily have the same wattage when compared to the 500 lumens LED manufactured from a different technology.

Floodlights are designed with high intensity in mind. Which means higher lumens… higher lumens means more wattage… and more wattage means more energy. The reason people switched from halogen to LED is because of lower energy and higher durability, so it would makes sense to get as low as you can in the wattage count. With COB or Chip On Board technology, a floodlight will be able to generate a dramatically higher amount of lumens on a much lower wattage compared to the ones using the regular SMD technology.

GoalStar LED Floodlight is a slim type, IP65 rated high powered floodlight using COB technology.

So next time you decide a floodlight for your project, remember COB is the better option. Got questions? Feel free to leave a comment or contact us.



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7 Tips To Survive Winter … Ahem, Rainy Season

“Winter is near, and we all know that the dead comes with it”. Umm…this is not Game of Thrones, there are no white walkers and no winter. What we have really is just a rainy season together with some colds, some brownouts and some lovely mosquitoes that wanted to suck your blood and infect you with a dengue virus. Here are 8 tips to help you survive through the rainy season unharmed.

1 Test Your Smoke Alarm or Buy A New One

When typhoon comes, brownout follows and when brownout comes, your neighbors or God forbid, you would use a candle and accidentally start a fire on the neighborhood. It’s always safe to get a smoke alarm to prevent death due to sleeping during a fire breakout.

Looking for smoke alarms? Grab one at by visiting the shop


2 Charge Your Solar Lights and Flashlights

Flash lights are pretty basic, but you can also get solar lights to supplement them as well. It might be rainy season, but contrary to popular belief, solar lights do still charge even in cloudy days. The sun might not be that strong, but solar energy is FREE and will able to provide you light every night. Solar lights are is safe and does not cause a fire outbreak when compared to candles.

If you are on the market for solar lights, then some that are worth checking are: GT-SML 01, GT-SSL 01, GT-SSL 02, GT-ESL 19P, GT-ESL 06 and GT-ESL 21


3 Mosquitoes Are Threats

Wet climate attracts mosquitoes, it would have been alright if they don’t bite you or carry pathogens, but reality tells a different story. Solution: EXTERMINATION!!!! Arm yourself with mosquito repellants and mosquito zappers to keep them out of your home and far from the reach of your love ones.

A Bug Zapper with Solar LED is available here.


4 Always Charge Your Power Bank

You won’t know how long your cellphone will last during a brownout. Conserve your cellphone to ensure that you have enough juice to call someone in case of an emergency. And a power bank would provide the much needed battery to keep your phone from running out of juice.


5 Always Have A Spare Medicine At Home

You won’t know if you’ll get sick or have a fever during the middle of the night while the store is close, so it’s better to keep have spare at home.


6 You Can Stand Under My Umbrella Ella Eh Eh…

Always bring an umbrella with you. You won’t know when the rain will fall. Besides, it would be cool if you could have your crush share a romantic umbrella with you 🙂


7 Books and Boardgames

When A brownout stays too long, life becomes boring if you’ve got nothing to do. If would be nice if you can read books and play boardgames to kill time. But if you don’t have them, you can always just pray to Jesus 🙂

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4 Things to Look for When Buying Solar Powered Generators

When shopping for solar generators, things can become very confusing very quickly. Technical jargons and terminologies doesn’t help either, it makes things even more confusing. But fear not, here are 4 things you should look for when buying solar powered generators:

1 Battery Storage

Some solar generators come with little or no batteries, this makes them unreliable in providing steady stream of energy. They are also totally useless during power outages and brownouts. As for battery storage, the higher the better.

SmartSolar Off-Grid Hybrid Generator comes with batteries, solar pv input, pure sine wave inverter with avr made of pure copper wire and optional upgrades to provide you with a reliable solar generator for your home.

2 Solar PV Input

No Solar PV Input, no solar generator. A continuous and steady supply of solar energy relies on the number of Solar PV Input you have and their wattage. Solar panels are rated by their watt generation capacity. For example,  For example, a 200 watt PV panel generates 200 watts of inbound power in full sun. Full sun lasts about 6 hours during the day, generally from 10am to 4pm. At other times of the day, PV input still comes in, but can be less than rated.

3 Inverter

Ultimately, inverters rate the maximum watts you can pull at any one time from a solar generator. For example, a 1500 watt inverter lets you pull up to that wattage in AC power. When given the option, pure sine wave inverters are always better than squarewave or modified sinewave inverters. They protect electrical equipments from damage. which means inductive loads like microwaves and motors run faster, quieter and cooler; fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, fax and answering machines won’t create audible and electrical noise because of electrical anomaly; computers won’t crash and printers won’t yield weird print outs because of the inverter.

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Why LED Module is the Next Generation Strip Lights / T12 Signage Replacement


  • LED Module has a dramatically longer lifespan compares to LED Strip lights due to no moving parts
  • For every 1 watt, LED Module has a 70+ lm brightness compared to 20+ lm from LED Strip Lights
  • LED Module has a dramatically lower wattage compared to T12 and tube lighting alternatives which means lower electric bills.
  • LED Module distributes it’s light evenly unlike T12 and tube lightings
  • LED Module requires less piece compared to Strip LED / T12 and tube lightings

Enjoy A Superior Signage LED Module with LucentFlash High Powered Injected Module

When buying LED’s for signage we usually go for either strip lights or T12 / tube alternatives, but have you heard about LED Module? This next generation LED technology has been silently replacing Strip Lights and T12 as we speak. Maybe it’s time for you to go LED Module too.

For a name that doesn’t even sound fancy, LED Module is simply superior. When compared to Strip Lights, LED Module will steal your heart away with the higher durability and brightness. The thing that made Strip Lights so special is it’s long, thin and adjustable, flexible body, but this advantage sacrifices durability, being that it is adjustable and flexible means that the chips and rigid items inside the device has high tendency of getting damaged, thus creating dark spots as it continues to age. Brightness is another area where LED module trumps LED strip lights, for every 20+ lumens from LED Strip Lights, LED Module yields 70+ lumens.

T12 and other tube alternatives are obsolete technology, which also means they have higher wattage to lumen ratio compared to LED Module. Another flaw you’ll notice on tube lighting are dark areas caused by uneven lighting which is essentially non existent on LED Modules.

So as you can see, these are exactly the reason LED Module is next generation signage technology.



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Why It’s Time to Switch Your Halogen Floodlight to LED Floodlight

Did your halogen floodlight died again? How’s it skyrocketing your bills? Maybe you think that you had no choice because someone told you that myth about brightness – the higher the wattage, the brighter the light and that LED’s wattage is too low. For CFL and Halogen, that may be true, but the same can’t be said of something made from LED. LED relies more on lumens than wattage, so instead of looking for the wattage, you can either look for the color temperature or the lumens, depending on what your used to. Below is the chart for reference:

Color temperature chart, courtesy of


Lumens to wattage chart, courtesy of


That being said, so what else does LED offer that my halogen lamp doesn’t? Well, an LED floodlight has approximately 50,000hrs+ of use more or less, compared to halogen lamp’s 3,000hrs+ of use, so LED is the obvious winner in this area. It would be nice you know if you don’t have to frequently visit the store just to replace your flood light, a floodlight that has to be replace means that you’ll waste a lot of time and effort carrying those heavy floodlights, time which could have been used elsewhere, like say, a date with your girlfriend.

Aside from the lifespan, LED floodlights also have lower wattage, the electric bills you save could have been used to save for a new phone or something you desired.

So to sum it up, with an LED, your floodlight lasts dramatically longer, it get replaced less often, generates less heat, yields lower wattage and you get to save on electric bill. What else can you ask for?

Shopping for LED Floodlights? Try PowerStar IP65-Rated Slim Type Flood Light.


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Lumens Guide: Which LED Bulb Should I Buy?

In the past, we buy light bulbs based on watts, however, in today’s modern era, higher wattage does not mean having a brighter light, but rather, a higher wattage only means higher electric bill. Lumens is the new measurement use today, and what’s good about this is that it’s always accurate. With that in mind, it leaves us with the question of “How many lumens do we need?” The answer is it depends on your purpose and how big your room is. Below is a rough guide to help you decide, courtesy of Engineering Tool Box:

Looking to replace your CFL Light with something more efficient? Try GoalStar LED Bulb

Activity Illumination
(lux, lumen/m2)
Public areas with dark surroundings 20 – 50
Simple orientation for short visits 50 – 100
Working areas where visual tasks are only occasionally performed 100 – 150
Warehouses, Homes, Theaters, Archives 150
Easy Office Work, Classes 250
Normal Office Work, PC Work, Study Library, Groceries, Show Rooms, Laboratories 500
Supermarkets, Mechanical Workshops, Office Landscapes 750
Normal Drawing Work, Detailed Mechanical Workshops, Operation Theaters 1,000
Detailed Drawing Work, Very Detailed Mechanical Works 1500 – 2000
Performance of visual tasks of low contrast  and very small size for prolonged periods of time 2000 – 5000
Performance of very prolonged and exacting visual tasks 5000 – 10000
Performance of very special visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size 10000 – 20000

Do you have questions? Feel free to leave a comment

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LED Bulb – Day Light. Warm White. What’s The Difference?

Lights…We turn them on and turn them off, then we forget about them and mind our own business. Somehow they are just there and as long as they work fine, they are the little ghosts that are present, but are unseen and uncared for, but color them too bright or ‘insert the wrong color temperature for the job here’, then things suddenly become personal and we start to complain how they harm our productivity. As much as daylight and warm white are labeled into the LED Bulb’s packaging, they are there for something. Each color has a function and could possibly define the mood of the environment.


Work, play and achieve your goals 85% more efficient and 80% less consumption with Goalstar LED Bulb.

The three primary types of color temperature for light bulbs are: Warm White / Soft White (2700K – 3000K), Bright White/Cool White (3500K – 4100K), and Daylight (5000K – 6500K). The higher the temperature, the closer it gets to the “cool” bluish color, the lower the temperature, it turns into the more “warmer” yellowish color.

Day Light – The Light of Daily Busy People.

As implied by the word ‘day light’, day light LED Bulbs mimics the light of the day. GoalStar DayLight LED Bulb is an example of such. It is the type of bulb that is most commonly used. It is suited for workshops, schools, offices, garages, study room and work related areas because it helps boost concentration.

Warm White – The One You Use if You Want to Relax

Warm white is similar to the light standard incandescent lamps emit, thus the word “warm”. As most people reported, these lights makes them feel relaxed. It is the type of light you find in some classy hotels, spas and restaurants. They are best installed in your living room and bedroom for a nice cozy feel. GoalStar Warm White LED Bulb is an example of such.

So in short, if you need concentration, use day light, otherwise relax yourself using warm white.

Got questions? Feel free to leave a comment.