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Why COB Should Be the Preferred Choice When Buying Floodlights

Not all LED’s are created equal, one LED with a wattage of 5w may not have the same lumens when compared with another LED of the same wattage. Same goes for the lumens, a 500 lumens LED might not necessarily have the same wattage when compared to the 500 lumens LED manufactured from a different technology.

Floodlights are designed with high intensity in mind. Which means higher lumens… higher lumens means more wattage… and more wattage means more energy. The reason people switched from halogen to LED is because of lower energy and higher durability, so it would makes sense to get as low as you can in the wattage count. With COB or Chip On Board technology, a floodlight will be able to generate a dramatically higher amount of lumens on a much lower wattage compared to the ones using the regular SMD technology.

GoalStar LED Floodlight is a slim type, IP65 rated high powered floodlight using COB technology.

So next time you decide a floodlight for your project, remember COB is the better option. Got questions? Feel free to leave a comment or contact us.



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