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7 Tips To Survive Winter … Ahem, Rainy Season

“Winter is near, and we all know that the dead comes with it”. Umm…this is not Game of Thrones, there are no white walkers and no winter. What we have really is just a rainy season together with some colds, some brownouts and some lovely mosquitoes that wanted to suck your blood and infect you with a dengue virus. Here are 8 tips to help you survive through the rainy season unharmed.

1 Test Your Smoke Alarm or Buy A New One

When typhoon comes, brownout follows and when brownout comes, your neighbors or God forbid, you would use a candle and accidentally start a fire on the neighborhood. It’s always safe to get a smoke alarm to prevent death due to sleeping during a fire breakout.

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2 Charge Your Solar Lights and Flashlights

Flash lights are pretty basic, but you can also get solar lights to supplement them as well. It might be rainy season, but contrary to popular belief, solar lights do still charge even in cloudy days. The sun might not be that strong, but solar energy is FREE and will able to provide you light every night. Solar lights are is safe and does not cause a fire outbreak when compared to candles.

If you are on the market for solar lights, then some that are worth checking are: GT-SML 01, GT-SSL 01, GT-SSL 02, GT-ESL 19P, GT-ESL 06 and GT-ESL 21


3 Mosquitoes Are Threats

Wet climate attracts mosquitoes, it would have been alright if they don’t bite you or carry pathogens, but reality tells a different story. Solution: EXTERMINATION!!!! Arm yourself with mosquito repellants and mosquito zappers to keep them out of your home and far from the reach of your love ones.

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4 Always Charge Your Power Bank

You won’t know how long your cellphone will last during a brownout. Conserve your cellphone to ensure that you have enough juice to call someone in case of an emergency. And a power bank would provide the much needed battery to keep your phone from running out of juice.


5 Always Have A Spare Medicine At Home

You won’t know if you’ll get sick or have a fever during the middle of the night while the store is close, so it’s better to keep have spare at home.


6 You Can Stand Under My Umbrella Ella Eh Eh…

Always bring an umbrella with you. You won’t know when the rain will fall. Besides, it would be cool if you could have your crush share a romantic umbrella with you 🙂


7 Books and Boardgames

When A brownout stays too long, life becomes boring if you’ve got nothing to do. If would be nice if you can read books and play boardgames to kill time. But if you don’t have them, you can always just pray to Jesus 🙂

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