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Why LED Module is the Next Generation Strip Lights / T12 Signage Replacement


  • LED Module has a dramatically longer lifespan compares to LED Strip lights due to no moving parts
  • For every 1 watt, LED Module has a 70+ lm brightness compared to 20+ lm from LED Strip Lights
  • LED Module has a dramatically lower wattage compared to T12 and tube lighting alternatives which means lower electric bills.
  • LED Module distributes it’s light evenly unlike T12 and tube lightings
  • LED Module requires less piece compared to Strip LED / T12 and tube lightings

Enjoy A Superior Signage LED Module with LucentFlash High Powered Injected Module

When buying LED’s for signage we usually go for either strip lights or T12 / tube alternatives, but have you heard about LED Module? This next generation LED technology has been silently replacing Strip Lights and T12 as we speak. Maybe it’s time for you to go LED Module too.

For a name that doesn’t even sound fancy, LED Module is simply superior. When compared to Strip Lights, LED Module will steal your heart away with the higher durability and brightness. The thing that made Strip Lights so special is it’s long, thin and adjustable, flexible body, but this advantage sacrifices durability, being that it is adjustable and flexible means that the chips and rigid items inside the device has high tendency of getting damaged, thus creating dark spots as it continues to age. Brightness is another area where LED module trumps LED strip lights, for every 20+ lumens from LED Strip Lights, LED Module yields 70+ lumens.

T12 and other tube alternatives are obsolete technology, which also means they have higher wattage to lumen ratio compared to LED Module. Another flaw you’ll notice on tube lighting are dark areas caused by uneven lighting which is essentially non existent on LED Modules.

So as you can see, these are exactly the reason LED Module is next generation signage technology.



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