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Why It’s Time to Switch Your Halogen Floodlight to LED Floodlight

Did your halogen floodlight died again? How’s it skyrocketing your bills? Maybe you think that you had no choice because someone told you that myth about brightness – the higher the wattage, the brighter the light and that LED’s wattage is too low. For CFL and Halogen, that may be true, but the same can’t be said of something made from LED. LED relies more on lumens than wattage, so instead of looking for the wattage, you can either look for the color temperature or the lumens, depending on what your used to. Below is the chart for reference:

Color temperature chart, courtesy of


Lumens to wattage chart, courtesy of


That being said, so what else does LED offer that my halogen lamp doesn’t? Well, an LED floodlight has approximately 50,000hrs+ of use more or less, compared to halogen lamp’s 3,000hrs+ of use, so LED is the obvious winner in this area. It would be nice you know if you don’t have to frequently visit the store just to replace your flood light, a floodlight that has to be replace means that you’ll waste a lot of time and effort carrying those heavy floodlights, time which could have been used elsewhere, like say, a date with your girlfriend.

Aside from the lifespan, LED floodlights also have lower wattage, the electric bills you save could have been used to save for a new phone or something you desired.

So to sum it up, with an LED, your floodlight lasts dramatically longer, it get replaced less often, generates less heat, yields lower wattage and you get to save on electric bill. What else can you ask for?

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