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Lumens Guide: Which LED Bulb Should I Buy?

In the past, we buy light bulbs based on watts, however, in today’s modern era, higher wattage does not mean having a brighter light, but rather, a higher wattage only means higher electric bill. Lumens is the new measurement use today, and what’s good about this is that it’s always accurate. With that in mind, it leaves us with the question of “How many lumens do we need?” The answer is it depends on your purpose and how big your room is. Below is a rough guide to help you decide, courtesy of Engineering Tool Box:

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Activity Illumination
(lux, lumen/m2)
Public areas with dark surroundings 20 – 50
Simple orientation for short visits 50 – 100
Working areas where visual tasks are only occasionally performed 100 – 150
Warehouses, Homes, Theaters, Archives 150
Easy Office Work, Classes 250
Normal Office Work, PC Work, Study Library, Groceries, Show Rooms, Laboratories 500
Supermarkets, Mechanical Workshops, Office Landscapes 750
Normal Drawing Work, Detailed Mechanical Workshops, Operation Theaters 1,000
Detailed Drawing Work, Very Detailed Mechanical Works 1500 – 2000
Performance of visual tasks of low contrast  and very small size for prolonged periods of time 2000 – 5000
Performance of very prolonged and exacting visual tasks 5000 – 10000
Performance of very special visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size 10000 – 20000

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