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3 Things to Look for When Buying Solar LED’s

Solar Lighting has become an important energy source in the Philippines because of its ability to generate light in areas where brownouts and power outages are common. It does not require hardwiring, so it’s easy to install without the help of an electrician. Solar energy does comes with a price, especially if you want it to last long, but it pays off in the form of long term free energy.

Unfortunately, buying a solar light can become confusing without the proper knowledge. The market for solar light is saturated, there are varying prices, ranging from cheap low cost bulbs to expensive high end outdoor post lamp, so as a guide, here are some key features to look for when shopping for solar lights:

1 Materials do matter

Those materials in your fancy solar LED case are not just there for the show, they have been made with a purpose in mind. Avoid materials made from cheap plastic case, a hot sunny day will be enough to melt them into junks. Try going for the more durable Aluminum finish instead, which could withstand heat better.

IP65 is also worth noting. This ensures that your device is waterproof and won’t break easily when exposed to rain water.

2 Sensors makes your LED last longer

PIR motion sensor is used to detect if there are movement in an area. In Solar LED’s, they help conserve energy. When no one is around it causes the LED to fall “asleep” until movement is detected.

Another kind of sensor is the night sensor, as implied from the name, night sensor is used to “sense” the night. In solar lighting, they save energy by giving your solar LED a reason not to turn on, usually this will only happen if you have another light sourced nearby that is turned on.

3 Li-Ion Battery for more power

Li-Ion Battery are the perfect batteries for Solar LED because it has the longest battery life and is not affected by extreme temperatures. This is particularly important in the context of Solar LED’s as they need to be constantly exposed in the heat of the sun.

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