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5 Ways Survive a Brownout

With the massive “rotational brownout” hitting different areas of the Philippines due to the said “El Nino” and the lack of possible assistance from the national government. It is time to put matters to our own hand and be prepared rather than be sorry when a power outage hits.

  1. Charge your solar lights

    Although the sun is strong and the summer is hot during this El Nino season, solar energy is FREE and will able to provide you light every night, and therefore should be your main go to source in times of emergency. Solar lights are very much recommended because it’s green as in environment friendly, it’s safe and does not cause a fire outbreak as when compared to candle or gas and what’s best is that it DOESN’T ADD TO YOUR ELECTRIC BILL.

    If you are on the market for solar lights, then some that are worth checking are: GT-SML 01, GT-SSL 01, GT-SSL 02, GT-ESL 19P, GT-ESL 06 and GT-ESL 21

  2. Have some flash lights ready

    It is unlikely that you’d run out of solar energy especially this summer where the sun is strong, but flash lights are cheap and will be able to provide backup light source. It’s better to have as many different fallback energy source as  much as possible

  3. Charge your Power Banks

    No electricity means your cellphone will be dead sooner or later. Power banks will help extend your phone’s battery life, this is important, because they are the essential tools for communication.

  4. Use candles as the last resort

    The reason I discourage the use of candles is because they are a major cause of fire. Use them only as your last resort, but be aware how you use it and place it far from things that are likely to burn.

  5. Test your smoke alarm or buy a new one

    Even if you don’t use candles, chances are some of your neighbors do use them. Having a working smoke alarm could be a life saver to you and your love ones.

    Check my blog about fire prevention to learn more.

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