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Is It Time To Switch To An LED Motion Sensor Light Bulb?

You might have heard about PIR motion sensor light bulbs, and wondered what’s so special about it. Smart lights, as they are also referred to, automatically switches on or off by detecting human heat from the environment. The concept might appear simple, but could surprisingly be use in a wide number of applications.

burglar repellant

1. Burglar Repellant

Burglars like to hide in the dark because it’s harder for people to notice them. Lights exposes them and makes them feel less vulnerable. Having light turn on whenever people pass increases the effectiveness of your home security. With motion sensor bulbs, those shady thieves would find that your home is not worth the trouble and look for a more vulnerable target.


2. Accident Prevention

How many times have you hurt yourself trying to turn on the lights of a dark, dark room? With motion sensor bulbs those home hazards could be minimized.


3. Time Saver

You just left the front door in a hurry because you’re about to be late, but you realized that you need to go back because you forgot to close that light in your bedroom. Having the lights do the work themselves can actually be convenient in this regard.

4. Saves Energy

Let’s face it, there are times we forget to close the lights because we are too busy minding our own stuffs. With an automated lighting, imagine how much you could save every year by letting the motion sensors do the work for you.

If what was mentioned above applies to you, then it’s probably time to convert to a motion sensor bulb.

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